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As we have just finished celebrating Resurrection Sunday, I was thinking about how hard it must have been on the disciples as they watched and heard the account of Jesus’ crucifixion. Not only the agony of all He endured but how their hearts must have started to doubt. How their faith may have fainted within them as their hope seemed to be shattered. Maybe they felt a slight death within themselves.

Think about it…the ONE, the Messiah was dead! How could their hope be revived?

They had followed, obeyed, and seen many miraculous works. They knew this Jesus had to be the One, but on this side of the tomb, how could it be?

Have you been there?

Now, before you get super spiritual, and think I would have remembered what Jesus said. It is easy to believe when we have the privilege of the full Word to stand on and we know that Sunday flipped the script. I doubt we can fully comprehend because we have the privilege to know that death had no victory over Jesus, the Messiah, the Son of God, our Redeemer and Saviour.

Yet, for a moment think about it, don’t we have moments like the disciples in our own lives? Moments when the ministry is struggling, families are falling apart, our health declines, we lose our job, and our hearts just break.

We kept the faith, trusted, hoped for, and believed…yet it seems death still comes! The end of a thing, (ministry, marriage, family, health, etc.) can feel like a part of you is dying.

Oh…. but GOD!

As the angel spoke, “Why do you seek the living among the dead?” (Luke 24:5)

There are many times in our lives that what we see as an end of a thing, is truly just a pause, a moment in time for God to revive what He is doing. Too often we allow the world to dictate to us when something is over. We believe the lies of the enemy and allow ourselves to be defeated and give up just before the stone is rolled away.

Children of the Risen Saviour don’t count God out when things seem to fall apart. When life or circumstances make you feel like it is the end. Don’t walk away in despair because God is the one writing your story. Leave the pen in His hand and allow Him to determine when to start a new chapter. Trust that He knows the perfect time to write, pause, and start again.

This world has no final victory over the redeemed. So, while we may be living in our Saturday….never forget that Sunday is coming, which means the resurrection of life to all that is of God.


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