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Our Mission

Encourage everyone to find the “more” in their relationship with Jesus. To inspire you to know these simple truths:

  • You are LOVED by GOD

  • God’s Word is exciting and new every day

  • Your past does not disqualify you

  • God can use everyone for His mission


What do we desire to accomplish?


To guide everyone to know Jesus and the abundance of His love fully. Our prayer is to move hearts to see the joy and excitement in knowing more of Him.

We want to unite communities in Christ, so that we can begin working with one another, encouraging one another, and praying for one another. (Acts 2:46)

To encourage you to be the Light that shines in your community. 

Our Purpose:

  • To experience and share Christ 

  • To be excited about the Word and the truth that sets us free

  • To discover purpose in every piece of your life

  • Unite others to accomplish more for our communities in Christ

Our Founder's Background?


For over 20 years, Mitzi has served as a leader and teacher for ladies, young adults, and children’s ministry, most recently at Berea Baptist Church. Mitzi has a Bachelor's in Christian Education from the North Carolina School of Theology, two Associate Degrees (Paralegal & Radiologic Science)

Simply stated, it took her some time to figure out what she wanted to be when she grew up!


Mitzi's testimony?


I was not raised in the church.  I had conflicting ideas of what it meant to be a Christian. I couldn’t understand how such a Big God could love such a broken mess. I allowed darkness to become my friend, which meant nothing mattered. I gave birth to my son at a young age, and God used him to give me purpose and teach me about love. Years later, on a Sunday morning, I came face to face with the love of Christ, and I have never been the same. Today, I am a beautifully broken woman because of Jesus. My loving Father has taken the broken pieces of my life and made them a vessel of honor for His Glory. 


Today, I serve as a pastor’s wife to my amazing husband, Rick, Pastor of Berea Baptist Church. We have two wonderful adult boys.  Mentoring women, working with ladies' ministries, and getting involved in supporting our community are my greatest passions. We reside in Dallas, North Carolina, and I work at the local Hospital. Overall, I’m just an ordinary woman in love with an Almighty God who wants to encourage everyone to have a more abundant faith walk.

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